The children of Ukraine know everything

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There is such a scientific justification that children retain and manifest to a greater extent their natural immunity, which has not yet been spoiled by modern science and political information. At the subconscious level, they better assimilate the submitted material and the environment, in contrast to already infected adults and especially politicians in power. In the age of information globalization, it is impossible to keep secret any action of any government in the world. What matters is the reaction of the world. There is a question here. Probably, it is necessary to reconsider the attitude towards humanity of the already existing institutions of the global righteous people of peace on earth.

And here is how a Ukrainian ten-year-old girl sees it. It is still difficult for her to explain in words what she sees and feels, but look and think about what is happening in Ukraine:

How Russia's war against Ukraine began:
On February 21, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed decrees recognizing the "independence" of the DNR and the LNR.
On February 22, the Federation Council finally ratified the treaties recognizing the LDNR.
On February 22, the Federation Council granted Putin's request and allowed the army to be used abroad. This was, in fact, Putin's permission to start a war against Ukraine.
Early in the morning of February 24, in a video message, Putin announced a "special military operation" to "protect" Donbass. Russia's war against Ukraine has begun.
On February 24, martial law was imposed throughout Ukraine.
On February 24, 137 Ukrainian soldiers and civilians were killed in Russian shelling.
The first round of talks between Russia and Ukraine took place on February 28. The second round took place on March 3. But the war is still going on.
On February 28, Zelensky signed an application for Ukraine's membership in the European Union.

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