Embankment in Zatoka

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That summer 2015 will be hot - no doubt about that - and the crowd was welcoming and rustic Ukrainians rush to the new, uninhabited resorts. In this respect, the Zatoka resort on the estuary for Odessa is preparing to become the most attractive sea resort of Ukraine.

Zatoka has developed! May 19, 2015 Odessa administration held a media briefing with the participation of a representative of the Department of culture and tourism of Hope is an Easy and architect Alexei Panin on the topic:"How to make zatoki nice" - where was the memo reported on plans for the landscaping of the resort. The press has also published an interview with the local head of the village Council about the project on the device along the beach of the resort modern quay length of 12 km and a width of 6m. Embankment provides for the possibility of special traffic, pedestrian part, a path for cyclists and skaters. Along the Avenue will be located hardscape - showers, litter bins, benches, lamps lighting, composting toilets. The project is for three years, construction has already begun with a break for the beach season, and will continue to autumn, after the peak of the influx of tourists. The project envisages the construction of walking paths, but also improving the infrastructure of the beach. Will be formed a three-hour rescue station, and the promenade separates the beach from the environmental infrastructure of entertainment and resort service, fundamentally altering the appearance of the brook.

The need for the construction of the embankment is ripe for a long time and the appearance of the promenade will allow to systematize the chaotic construction in Zatoka. The total project cost is estimated at 80-100 million UAH, this year it is planned to develop 15-20mn. and ennoble the first kilometer of beach chic promenade. The contractor and the investor of the construction is Estonian businessman having business accommodation in Zatoka and the experience of doing business in Ukraine. The construction cost ranges from 500 to 1500 UAH per 1 m2, this variation is associated with carrying out in some places, shore protection and large earthworks.

To resorts along the coastline, is entrusted with the hope that they will participate in the construction of embankment and filling her small architectural forms, against this background provides some benefits for active participants, agreed on a legislative level. The next stage is the construction of the Bay and Marina! And we are hungry for a comfortable stay is to wait and guess!



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