Forbes: should Not ignore Kyiv not Kiev, traveling to Chernobyl

The publication calls the Ukrainian capital real pearl of Eastern Europe.
Chernobyl last year attracted the attention of tourists from different corners of the world. But Kiev deserves it even more. "I went to Kiev not for the Ukrainian culture or to learn more about the history of Eastern Europe. No, with shame I must admit that Kiev was only a stop before a trip to Chernobyl. But I quickly realized that the capital was worth more than a casual glance. It is an endless choice of cuisine from around the world, the incredible Soviet architecture mixed with contemporary design(???ed.), and also quite pleasant locals," writes on the pages of Forbes Theresa Christine.
She notices that the charm of Kiev doesn't have to romantic cities like Paris or Venice. The Ukrainian capital, he is special. "Kiev is notable for its sad beauty. But you will understand that the great strength of the people and will make you love this jewel of Eastern Europe even more," - says the author. It is impossible to outline the history of Ukraine just a few sentences. But understanding the country's past adds depth to visit its capital. For many centuries the country was a place of contact of the West with the East. So very long treated her as a pawn in the big games. Only in 1991 after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Ukraine became independent. But even in recent years she has to deal with corrupt leaders and the Russian occupation of Crimea.
Travellers who are interested in Ukrainian history, the author advises to visit in Kiev, the Museum of the Holodomor and the national Museum of history of Ukraine. The monument of the Motherland and crowded Independence square is also a must see with your own eyes. The author also advises to visit Kyiv Podil, one of the oldest areas of the city with its own character.
But its deep history mixed in with trendy cafes and modern creative scene. The district has "some unique local flavor." In addition, there is not as crowded as on Khreshchatyk. If you just walk to Kontraktova square, past the Ferris wheel, enjoying the architecture of local churches, and then to drop into one of the cozy cafes, you can have a little taste of life of Kiev.
In Ukrainian cuisine, the author acknowledges that the soup may come to mind first as an example of what should try. But in Kiev you can find much more than that. If you want something traditional but with a modern twist, you can, for example, try "nalisniki". The author also draws attention to Ukrainian sweets. Unlike other cities that delight from the first sight, Kiev may need a little time to his real beauty is revealed. However, it is worth the time and effort. In the capital of Ukraine there are hidden gems.
Ukrainians, the author describes Kagoshima at first glance, closed. But they quickly removed his protection and is ready to warmly welcome guests.
Kyiv not Kiev!
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