How Russia's war against Ukraine began


How Russia's war against Ukraine began:
On February 21, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed decrees recognizing the "independence" of the "DPR" and "LPR".
On February 22, the Federation Council of the Russian Federation finally ratified the agreements on the recognition of the "LDPR".
On February 22, the Federation Council of the Russian Federation granted Putin's appeal and allowed the use of the army abroad. This, in essence, was Putin's permission to start a war against Ukraine.
In the early morning of February 24, Putin announced in a video message a "special military operation" to "protect" Donbass. Russia's war against Ukraine has begun.
On February 24, martial law was imposed on the entire territory of Ukraine.
During February 24, 137 Ukrainian military and civilians were killed as a result of Russian shelling.
On February 28, the first round of negotiations between Russia and Ukraine took place. The second round was held on March 3. But the war continues.
On February 28, Zelensky signed an application for membership in the European Union.
Losses of Russians fighting against Ukraine:
According to the approximate data of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, from the morning of February 24 to the morning of March 5, the troops of the invading country of Russia suffered the following losses:

personnel - more than 10,000 people,
tanks ‒ 269 units,
armored combat vehicles – 945 units,
artillery systems - 105 units,
MLRS - 50 units,
air defense equipment - 19 units,
aircraft – 39 units (to be specified),
helicopters – 40 units (information is being specified);
automotive equipment - 409 units,
light speedboats - 2 units,
tanks with fuel and lubricants - 60,
UAV operational-tactical level - 3.…

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