Kremenchuk bridge or Horishni Marshes?

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December 5, during the official visit of the Vice Premier of China MA Kai can be a signed contract between the "Ukravtodor" and China road and bridge corporation (CRBC) on the construction of the Kremenchug bridge.
Recall, 14 October was planned to lay the first stone of the Kremenchug bridge, and the Memorandum was signed in March. What stopped?
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"The Chinese side is doing everything necessary: developed feasibility study, quickly held a tender for the contractor. But to move on, they have endorsed the agreement. "Ukravtodor" in the background of tighter requirements on anti-corruption legislation, in no hurry to take responsibility for raising loans. As the last word by Parliament, that he should ratify the loan agreement with Eximbank China's 340 million dollars, I hope that in early December, the Chinese side, "Ukravtodor" will sign the agreement", - said Deputy Minister of infrastructure Viktor Dovgan.
He recalled that the same company, CRBC, is planning to build a concrete road Odessa-Nikolaev. The project budget of $150 million, financing can be provided by the Exim Bank of China.
"It is strategically important projects. The bridge which unites Ukraine, and a concrete road linking 13 black sea ports," - said the Deputy Minister.
He recalled that the project "port roads" - part of the Black Sea Highway Road, "Ring around the Black sea". In 2011, 12 countries-participants of the black sea economic cooperation (BSEC) signed an agreement on the construction of this ring. The main route starts in Turkey (Istanbul - Samsun – Trabzon), then Georgia (Batumi – Poti), Russia (Novorossiysk - Rostov-on-don – Taganrog), Ukraine (Mariupol - Melitopol – Odessa), Moldova (Chisinau), Romania (Bucharest), Bulgaria (Haskovo), and again Turkey - Edirne via the ring closes in Istanbul.
"Even without the "full ring" our part will give the opportunity to optimize traffic from the southern regions. Export flows can be more plastic, and not only between the ports. We see through the work to GO Highway, which connects Odessa and Gdansk, intensified the flow through the Lviv oblast. Highway Black Sea Road will allow traffic from our South area to send directly to Central and southern Europe," says Viktor Dovgan.
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