The main new year tree of 2020 in Kiev: opening date

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In Kiev has already begun active preparations for new year holidays. New year 2020 is not without the main tree of the country, which will be lit on Sofia square. Now began preparation. The main beauty is decorated with 750 toys in the form of candy and 4 miles of lights. Tree length – 30 meters width – 35 meters, and the weight will reach more than 100 tons.

Around the Christmas tree put characters from "the Nutcracker" ballet and Ukrainian fairy tales. It is already known, when light the main Christmas tree – it will happen on the Day of St. Nicholas – December 19 at 19 o'clock.
Christmas tree in Kiev: graph
14 Dec – the opening of the Christmas fair
December 19 – the midwinter festive illumination Christmas tree
December 25 – Christmas
31 Dec – New year celebration
January 7 – holiday Nativity scene and Christmas concert.
This year the main theme of the festival was a world of adventure in "the Nutcracker" and his kingdoms. Guests of the city and its citizens are waiting for a holiday location in a fantastic style:
Kingdom of gifts – fair of Souvenirs and the best gifts for the holiday, attracts hundreds of artists from all over Ukraine.
The Kingdom of taste – delicious food and drink: Munich sausages, skewers, festive cakes, mulled wine and lots of sweets.
Kingdom entertainment is a fabulous Playground for children with attractions, entertainment, installations and gifts.
Kingdom likes – numerous photo zone on the Sofia square and Vladimirsky passage.
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