Slavskom otkrivaut Novi grigolini route

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The new ski route will combine Hiking and ski route. Therefore, it can be used all year round. This is reported in the press center of the LOG.
Saturday, December 23, in Lviv will open a new route on the mountain ILSA. The entire route goes from the village of urban type Slavske, on up to ILSA and Volosyanka village. "Mountain ILSA was not chosen by chance, as the ski resort Slavske for the past years keeps leading position in the list of destinations where people go to relax on Christmas. Therefore, we are confident that this route will be popular. Since there is a global trend for active holidays we offer a virtually new for Ukraine tourism product, where you can travel comfortably to places where there is a specially equipped ski lift, " says head of Department of tourism and resorts of Lviv regional state administration Natalia Tobacco. The route is 8.7 km away, and It leads to the top of the mountain, ILSA, where already built a ski rope tow. "Lviv" remember that the name of this mountain comes from the name Ilse witch who lost there loved one.
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