Where to go for may: flowering cherry blossoms and daffodils Transcarpathia

Долина нарциссов
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Памятник природы- Долина нарциссов
While in Ukraine is still pretty cool, but at the end of April of heat will be enough. And it's time to open the tourist season. Not running, we invite you to see one of the most beautiful places in Ukraine - Sakura alley in Transcarpathia.
In the spring, in late April - early may, in Mukachevo and Uzhgorod bloom incredibly lush pink-white hundreds of cherry trees.
Besides, you can visit the famous valley of daffodils. The timing of flowering Transcarpathian daffodils are weather dependent. Usually the first flowers in the Valley of daffodils bloom by may 1, and after only a week throughout the valley could be seen whole islets of white flowers.
And the peak flowering traditionally falls in the middle of may. When spring is in Transcarpathia is given early and warm, daffodils to bloom for a few days earlier than usual.

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