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Для добавления в каталог места отдыха достаточно выбрать необходимый раздел:
Philharmonic, Fountains, Cultural centers, Monuments, Squares and streets, Exhibitions, Museums
Hotels, Exotic hotels, Specialized hotels, Mini Hotels, Private sector, Hostels, Motels, Apartments
Churches, Synagogue, Lavra, Temples, Cathedrals, Place of pilgrimage, Saint sources, Monasteries
Facilities, Gardens and parks, Ruins, Landscapes, Fortress, Architectural complexes, Interiors, Buildings, Palaces, Castles
Reserves, Valley, Mountains, Waterfalls, Botanical Gardens, Lake, National parks, Islands, Parks, Caves, Forestry, Canyons
Bases of rest, Guest Houses, Sports facilities, Resorts, Tourist complexes, Homesteads, Campings, Rural tourism, Tourist bases
Fastfood, Restaurants, Pizzerias, Bars, Сafe
Dolphinarium, Ice rinks, Entertainment complexes, Nightclubs, Stadiums, Zoos, Aquaparks, Circuses, Attractions, Cinemas, Theaters