The main Christmas tree of Ukraine is traditionally installed on St. Sophia square in Kiev and will ignite the evening at Nicholas - December 19.

The Ministry of economic development of Ukraine published analysis of data of mobile operators on the movement of mobile phones through the borders of neighboring States and finding them there on more than 1 day.

Again burning and exploding military warehouses in Ukraine. It's certainly not for someone's negligence. %0 years exploded, and suddenly - for the period from 2014 burn AK matches in the hands of children. Apparently "children" still is.


And my great-grandfather in the river still fished sturgeon! And my grandchildren, and minnows will not be? It happened to people?

From the 25th September to the whole territory of Ukraine begins to "walk" the new 20-hryvnia banknote. They say that it is very protected from fakes.
It seems every new chief banker of Ukraine wants to go down in history, leaving his signature on a new printed banknotes with him?

Thanksgiving holiday last Ukrane. The last warm days of Indian summer first. Flash mobs and rallies.
Gathered in Kiev on Khreschatyk more than 100 thousand people.