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Cosmetics from Korea

Косметика из Кореи

... in the age of development of Internet technologies that globalize the communication of potential buyers, the quality of products and its effective effect come to the fore ...

What do we know about UFOs?

... Since the first publications in the 60s of the last century of UFO sightings all the information about unidentified moving objects in the air is not aimed at the explanation of the phenomenon as such, not to seek scientific justification -...

Brand Kettler

Who are the fans of cycling does not dream of having in your arsenal bike brand Kettler - impeccable German quality based not only on the world of innovative technology, ...

Rest in Ukraine


The history of the state of Ukraine...recreation centre on the river bank or shore of the Azov Sea and/or the Black Sea but always in relatively intact places... We believe the site RESTPLACE.COM.UA - created by our team of professionals - will contribute to the development of tourism in Ukraine and every visitor of this site will find a wonderful place to spend a vacation.