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In this tourist season 2016 passed malozamechennyj media festival "Atmosphere mandru", which took place June 11-12, in Kiev, in the shopping center "Atmosphere". At the festival besides music and cuisine of different nationalities could listen to lectures and learn a lot about the lifehacks for travelers that provides the ability almost legal, easy and fast to enter almost any country in the world. 

And here in the autumn, in the framework of the 23rd of the Publishers Forum of Ukraine held in Lviv on September 15-18 at the cinema "Copernicus" and is the best themed area, will be the next life hack for traveling "journey forum".

The program is full of multimedia lectures and adventures of Ukrainian travellers a variety of civilian professions, people who make their dreams come true and never stand in one place. Famous bloggers and journalists, publishers and just traveller will not leave You indifferent and will light the fire of a traveler on Your way.

Thursday September 15:

11-00 both from the dream of travel to create a video blog - from the creators of the project Blog360.

12-00 Donbass, the path of war and normal life in abnormal conditions.

13-00 First Ukrainian-language radio for travelers.

14.00 the History of the founding and the success of the first magazine for travelers in Ukraine.

15-00 Like to crawl on my belly the border and to conquer Catalonia.

16-00 About the project "Humans of Prague" analogue Humans of New York.

Friday September 16:

11-00 Impressions about people and the world from seventy countries.

12-00 Hitchhiking across Asia.

13-00 Collapse of the Soviet Union, a report from the Union.

14-00 Film "Prokhasko" presentation.

15: 00 Trip around the world two former Bank employees.

16-00 the First anthropological and ethnographic expedition "Ukraїner".

Saturday 17th September:

11: 00 tour of the Middle East and Syria.

12-00 Poetic emigration - emigration poetry. The translator left modern poetry.

13-00 Crimea - projects on the Peninsula.

14-00 Bike through the Ukraine, Georgia, France.

15-00 South - East Asia and culture beyond our perception.

16-00 "Freaks of Europe" - a new book of the famous Ukrainian writer.

Sunday. !September 8.

11-00 "Stockouts" - Ukrainian alternative to Couchsurfing

12-00 Roads in Eastern and southern Africa.

13-00 Journey from India across the Himalayas, Tibet and Central Asia.

14-00 Alternative history and "curiosities" of Ukrainian geopolitics.

15-00 From master channel "so stay home" about Iceland, and more.

Unlike the free festival "Atmosphere mandru" life hacking for travelers "travels forum - paid. The cost of multimedia lectures 50-150uah. and believe me, it's worth it!


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