Meet The Christmas Tree 2020!

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New year is a holiday for everyone! For children especially! Little Dima loves a beautiful Christmas tree and gifts. In anticipation of the New Year, he said: "On New Year Santa Claus will bring gifts and put them under the tree while I sleep. It's not only Santa Claus is the Pope. Dad on New Year working for Santa Claus, because he can't overnight to get around all the houses."

And innovations for the New Year: the Lviv City Council decided not to decorate the main Christmas tree of the city toys. Instead, there will be a lot of illumination. The tree will be open on 19 December with a festive concert and a Christmas fair. For the third year in a row Lviv not spent a Christmas tree - give it to townspeople local patrons.

I wonder what will take place the new year tree in Lviv 2020 in the traditional contest of Christmas trees Ukraine UKRINFORM?

The most expensive Christmas tree of the country will be in Kiev and will cost the country up to 3 million hryvnia!

The best Christmas tree 2019 was tree Kremenchug!

Елка в Кременчуге

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