Jazz Koktebel: creative cottage

с 06-09-2019 по 08-09-2019
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Киев, Труханов остров
Цена билета: 
"Equal among equals" is the motto of the festival jazz Koktebel 2019, which will be held in Kiev.
Why? Great illustration - jam session. Regardless of the degree of fame of the musician, the jam has the opportunity to Express themselves for each participant.
So the organizers decided this year to hold a festival exclusively jazz and no headliner. Rather, in the model of "headliners - that's all."
In addition to music are planned the different formats and types of art - cinema, poetry, installations, active games and much more. As a joke, the organizers said that this year Koktebel jazz festival will be in the country, where everyone can find something to their liking.
Musical projects
September 7 :
Roman Kolyada, Roman Sulima with the project "Slovo za Slovo, the New Project of Sergei Ruzickova,
the Quartet of Michael Mendelenko, Mike Kaufman-Portnikov
Jam session
September 8:
A trio of Alexei Revenko, Tea with meat, Pavel Ignatiev, and Catco c project Ullam,
The Quartet of Rodion Ivanov, ethno jazz from Tatiana Goncharova
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