The bridge across the Dnieper river, Kremenchug gets built!

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Welcome Kremenchuk bridge promised by all the governments of Ukraine and even the former Soviet Union finally built. Missing one thing - money! For this purpose, the loans from China can save not only this project but other equally important infrastructure undertakings of the government of Groisman.

According to the newspaper Ekonomichna true 2 fierce 2018р:

"Cabnet menstru Ukraine's got Namir oblasti s Kitam Rakovo creditno favor on a number infrastrukturnykh proektu General Varstu 7 mlatv dollars.
About TSE podomys patron mnestra infrastructure of Ukraine Viktor Dovgan in had presentation vistavkova project China international Import Expo, Pereda UNIAN.
"Uryad to put for the meta, Viti s oftiny proposing to minsterstvo economci China schodo ukladannya Rakovo creditno please on a number proektu about 7 dollars mlatv I Kitam mizh with Ukraine," - said Dougan.
Zaznaczyl VIN takozh, scho vzhe papasan contracts for 200 Euro mllions z Eyad kitayskimi companies budownictwo dorg in Ukraine from the year 2018, and also occurs papasena contract schodo budownictwa bridge, about Kremenchuka."


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