In the river the snow collapse!

Населенный пункт: 

At the request of the city authorities of the Dnieper river in the city and surrounding area fell in the day 18.03. 2018 more than two monthly norms of precipitation. All utilities operating in emergency mode, the communal roads with a shovel and technique!

All who wish to attend the Dnieper suggest to forget about the planned event and to postpone the trip for a week. After this heavy snowfall will be no less unmanaged urban flood request of the authorities and the traffic police!

The situation is similar throughout the area. Nikopol and Novomoskovsk is also in a snowdrift!

But - it is beautiful!

Experienced advice for this situation:

- it is better to sit at home without the extreme do not use your car for trips - try to do public transportation; Now is the fastest way to travel - train!

- if decided to go fill up a full tank!;

- do not drop the machine on the roadway and if you get stuck - do not leave unattended;

- that winter on the territory of Ukraine need to carry a shovel and chains, but who comply with this Golden rule? - The one who got ... at least once!

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