Exhibition "Wine and wine-making" in Odessa

с 20-03-2014 по 22-03-2014
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Demonstration of new mechanisms for the promotion of wines and strong alcoholic beverages, as well as popularization of the culture of moderate consumption are the main accents of the future of the XIV International specialized exhibition «Wine and Winemaking. High degree». The main event of the year for workers of wine industry of Ukraine will take place from 20 to 22 March 2014 at the Exhibition complex of Odessa Sea port. 
Place of the meeting remains unchanged! The territory of the exhibition will turn into a unique Playground for effective business communication of manufacturers, sellers and representatives of relevant governmental bodies, as well as an unforgettable reality show for consumers, is a rare case - will be able to taste and purchase the guaranteed quality drinks. 
Powerful media support by the organizers and the representatives of mass media will be useful both to those participants who are planning to enter the Ukrainian market with its products, and the recognized world leaders - it provides for the opportunity and tell, and provide professionals and the General public its latest innovations and further developments...
Meeting of the year-the author's master-class from the ex-President of the London Academy of wines, senior lecturer at the London International Wine and Spirit School Life member of the Champagne Academy, Counsellor to the Grand Conseil de Bordeaux, Cavaleiro da Confraria do Vinho do Porto, Gastronome de la Mer, Master of Wine Philip Гудбанда.
The theme for the year - Round table on the theme «the Official legalization микровиноделия - problems winemakers small and medium businesses» with the participation of official representatives of relevant governmental structures and authoritative representatives of the wine community of Ukraine.
Innovation of the year - tasting contest «Wine & Spirit Awards» will officially introduce the new format of the jury, a new nomination «Choice of the press», the winner in which the special tasting will determine representatives visiting the exhibition media.
The offer of the year - the only Ukrainian professional training a crash course in Wine Expert - basics of wine etiquette and tastings as well as current information about the latest trends in the target market segment.
Know-how of the year - «Wine brunch» - the original format of effective direct negotiations between the leaders and marketers wineries with restaurateurs and hoteliers.
Presentation of the year - open international conference «Strategy of joint development of wine tourism in the black sea region».
To participants, guests and visitors of the exhibition:
  • Demonstration of new technologies and equipment for winemaking.
  • Effective business communications - the foreign participants of the exhibition have an opportunity to identify optimal for themselves ways to enter the Ukrainian market and to meet with potential partners-residents of Ukraine.
Successful sales include the professional presentation of the best Ukrainian and foreign wines for the domestic and foreign distributors, and also the implementation of high-quality alcohol "from the manufacturer" directly on the territory of the exhibition «Wine and Winemaking. High degree»
Promote culture of civilized, moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages
In the expositions of the XIV International specialized exhibition «Wine and Winemaking. High degree» presents:
  • Viticulture (nursery, growing technology, mechanization and protection); 
  • Equipment for wine and alcohol industry, wine-Amateurs;
  • Wine, vodka, tincture, liquors, fruit liqueurs, balms;
  • Label, packing, container, accessories;
  • Materials for design and packing of bottles;
  • Equipment for wine cellars, wine cabinets;
  • Transport, logistics;
  • Trade equipment for the placement of alcoholic products in the modern retail;
  • Trading houses (importers and distributors);
  • Specialized editions and literature.
It is worth noting that part in which are annually held in Odessa International exhibitions «Wine and winemaking. High degree» has become an integral part of the marketing strategy for national and foreign companies that seek to increase profits, recognition and attractiveness of its image, and confidently demonstrate their ability and social importance of the Ukrainian market of alcoholic beverages.
Official support to the projects of the International exhibition «Wine and winemaking. High degree» 2014 provide:
  • Ministry of agrarian policy of Ukraine;
  • The Ministry of economic development and trade of Ukraine;
  • The Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine;
  • Odessa regional state administration;
  • Assembly of European winemaking regions;
  • The Association of culture and tourism exchange (АСТЕЯ) to the Council of Europe;
  • State Inspectorate of agriculture of Ukraine;
  • Ukrainian Corporation of viticulture and wine industry «Ukrvinprom»;
  • Association «Ukrainian Bureau of grapes and wine».
Scientific patronage of the exhibition is performed by:
  • The national Academy of agrarian Sciences of Ukraine, 
  • National Institute of grapes and wine «Magarach», NAAS, 
  • National scientific centre «Institute of viticulture and wine-making named. В.е.таирова NAAS, 
  • Odessa national Academy of food technologies,
  • National University of food technologies.

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