Time Machine

с 20-10-2016 по 20-10-2016
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How many years is "the Time Machine" did not travel to Ukraine? Three years at least!
But in 2012, the current band lineup came on the scene in Kyiv, on Maidan!
It was a great concert, the band opened for perhaps twenty second wind, and it was then that the audience — Ukrainian before Russian — the first time I heard the stage three new songs that will become the Foundation of our next album "Machine".
The album will be finished in spring 2016, over the years, and in the history of Ukraine, and in the history of the "Time Machine" became quite different, and now the audience will hear songs from the finished album MV!
And besides them, of course, will hear all the classics over 47 years, under which we were born in the 70s, grew up in the 80s, was part of an independent life in the 90s and changed everything around in the twenty-first century. From "Rats" to "Turn," from curiosities and antiquities to the Prime Minister, through the Golden Fund of all the songs not sing them too much, but the concerts will be long, get ready!
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