Glamour-waste paper

с 26-01-2014 по 11-02-2014
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улица Маразлиевская, 10, (Энгельса),
Exhibition of collages.
Collages Alexander Lisovsky well-known collectors and enthusiasts of delights. Looking at the collages, which will be presented at the exhibition «Glamour-waste paper»we could join the famous «if you knew from what rubbish growing poems without shame». Material collage became glossy garbage filling the media space. Alexander buys on Староконном market stack of glossy, brings in the workshop, and then long turns, cuts , try one picture to another. Cultural erudition Alexander helps him to compose their stories, tell their stories of ready images, history, embodied in the visual-perfect compositions.
Jokingly Alexander says: «Why should we draw, if you can make the composition of finished parts?». And then she adds: «Draw, of course, need collage is a modern approach. Elements of collage you can see many artists from Odessa to take at least the same bug, Наумца, Жалобнюка...».
For a long time Alexander was fond of objects (and, of course, always - painting), but manufacturing requires woodwork and wooden details. And the transition to collages turned to him quite natural: the collages can be done in the usual small workshop behind his Desk. Interesting for the artist appeared and mobility, spontaneity collage. You can start with a single subject, and the result will be born a completely different composition and different story.
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