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Countryside in Ukraine remains a priority vacation spot for Ukrainians. Moreover, the search of extreme rural getaway - through the roof! Against this background stands out the exclusion zone of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and a visit to the plant. Fans of extreme sports should know that in the spring of 2018, the State enterprise "Chornobyl NPP" holds tours of the plant during pre-application and registration on the website of the station.

All Ukrainians know, and many remember the events of that spring, the parade may 1, 1986 in Kiev and flying it is not clear how the suspended load military helicopters over in Kozelec Chernihiv region - in this context, area, country residence near Kiev 30 minutes of Zhytomyr highway - "Carivka", is a distinct advantage for modern peaceful holiday in nature and away from the events of 30 years ago.

But memory is not the most important - the exclusion zone draws attention of Ukrainian adventurers and international tourism. According to reports, the Ministry of ecology and natural resources of the official statistics of the exclusion zone in countryside recreation in Ukraine is growing from year to year:

- 2016 - 36 thousand people;

- 2017 - 49 thousand people;

- 2018 - more than 63 thousand people.

And this is only the official data.

There is also extreme tourists, exploring not only relatively untouched by mankind territory, and not Vice versa - abandoned humanity-site - stalkers. They are constantly detained by the police in the exclusion zone, imposing fines of up to 30 non-taxable minimum.

Attracting global tourism, stalkers and just extreme?

- The exclusion zone was covered with impenetrable thickets of forest and Bush, reminding us what we have transformed the promised Land.

An abandoned village is a horror movie, and disaster may await humanity.

But what's really interesting - in the absence of the ubiquitous human number of animals, fish in ponds - rolls and superior to all ideas about the greatness of earthly nature - how we all fuck up!

Given the complexity of free movement within the Chernobyl zone and relying only on facts, fixed traps researchers in the exclusion zone today is found in almost all the fauna of Central Europe:

- predators - the lynx, bear, badger, wolf, Fox, raccoon dog, marten, etc.;

- ungulates - elk, deer, wild boar, deer, bison, Przewalski's horse, imported from Askania Nova.





And it's modestly from what almost have become extinct in the wild. In 32 years, there was a natural regeneration, the area claims to be a world heritage site under UNESCO protection.


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