Odessites and guests of the city are asked to support the Art Museum.

Одесский художественный музей
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Odessa citizens are asked to support the Art Museum -- you just have to buy a ticket and see the show
Inhabitant of Odessa Alexander Kovalchuk, decided to organize a flashmob and thus support the Odessa art Museum, which recently was severely flooded. A photograph in which the current from the ceiling collect water in buckets, published in social networks.

No, we are not asking for money (yet). And even basins in sufficient quantity. Just come while the Museum is still there. Simply and succinctly, we're not even going to call this event "Buy a ticket — save a Museum" (of course, just the ticket will not save), and appeal to your inner Odessa, hollering about moral support. Take a few selfies, share with friends. Let's think of the Museum this Sunday from 10:00 to 17:00.

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