Odessa is the most expensive city of Ukraine

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The portal Numbeo ranked the most expensive cities in the world to live, and among the Ukrainian cities, Odessa has become a leader in high cost. However, in General, the ranking of the most expensive cities in the world Odessa was just for the 454-th position, and Kiev is situated on the 458-th place. Also in the top three Ukrainian cities.
Одесса. Памятник жене моряка
Dnepr is located on 472 first, 473 Sumy in the second place, Lviv – 475-th position. The leader of the world ranking was Hamilton is the administrative centre of Bermuda. Next in the ranking are one after the other Swiss cities – Zurich, Basel and Geneva. New York, who for many years was considered the most expensive city in the world, this time ranked only 16th position in the ranking. As noted by the experts in compiling the list of expensive cities, they took into account the prices of clothing, food, various services, and the cost of rental housing.
Previously compiled a ranking of the safest cities in Europe, Kiev and ranked it the last. Employees of one of the consulting companies said that the last place in the rating of Kiev won because of the unstable political situation and hostilities in the country.
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